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Zoeva Eye Makeup Brush Set

As Christmas is fast approaching, I thought it would be the perfect time to give my thoughts on the Zoeva Cosmetics Makeup brushes. These babies have definitely made their hype around the makeup world, and with the brush sets Zoeva offers how could they not?! You can select a range of individual brushes to a small brush set to a full brush set. The are many options and trust me when I say once you’ve had one you will want them all.

Made from synthetic fibres, these babies are sure to be a perfect stocking filler.


142 Concealer Buffer: I love to use this brush to blend out any foundation and/or concealer around my eye area. It’s also perfect for buffing in eye primer on your lids.


224 Luxe Defined Crease: This brush is perfect for deepening up and defining your crease. This is my go to brush when created a cut crease eye look.


226 Smudger: This brush is described as the perfect tool for smoking out the lash line and I completely agree. As well as that sometimes I even use it to pat shimmery shades on either my lid, brow bone or inner corner.


227 Luxe Soft Definer: I would put this in the category of “not exactly needed but nice to have”. This bad boy is perfect for blending out any edges you feel are a bit too harsh. Generally I would use this brush as a last step when creating a smokey eye look to ensure my transition shade is well blended.


228 Luxe Crease: Perfect for blending. Because of the flexibility of this brush, applying and blending into a transition colour is made effortless. It’s also perfect to use as a highlighter brush on your cheekbones – just swivel it in circular motions for a banging’ highlight.


230 Luxe Pencil: I love to use the pointed pencil brush to apply deeper shadows to my lower lash line and to also deepen up the very outer corner of my top lid. This brush is reasonable small which is perfect when you’re apply those black or deep brown shades as you don’t want these shadows to go too high or far out.


231 Luxe Petit Crease: Another favourite brush I love to use when creating a cut crease look. This brush is reasonable flexible but still provides enough stiffness so you don’t apply shades higher then it needs to be.


234 Luxe Smoky Shader: This brush is my go to when applying shades directly on the lid. Providing a flat top end it holds the product well until you’re ready to place it.


237 Detail Shader: Another must have of mine – because this baby is so small and provides a “C” shape effect I love to use it on my brow bone and inner corner when I want a subtle highlight to that area.


315 Fine Liner: If you’re a gel liner type of girl, this brush would be perfect for you. The tip of the brush is actually bent which I know looks a little strange but this technique makes your liner application so much easier as you don’t need to twist your head when applying it. I would recommend cleaning it after every application as product does tend to build up and when dried can become a pain to remove.


317 Wing Liner: This brush is known as being perfect for wing liner however I have never used it for this. I have however used it to clean and crisp up my wing as it provides the perfect sharp angle effect.


322 Brow Line: Again I haven’t used this brush for the purpose intended as my brow tools don’t often change, but I have used this to apply intense shadow to both my upper and lower lash line. It’s defined angled tip really allows you to work your way into the lash line without it being ‘over the top’. On days when I don’t feel like winged liner or any liner in fact, I love taking a deep brown matte shadow onto this brush and pressing it into my upper lash line to give a very subtle yet smokey effect.


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