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World’s Most Powerful Facial?!

The beauty world has been amazed at the results of Aztec Secret – Indian Clay Mask. Many users post before and after photos and there’s nothing less you can say than “INCREDIBLE!”. The results truly do speak for themselves.

It’s described as a deep pore cleansing mask but not only for facials, it can be used on insect bites, as body wraps, for foot soaks and acne. I’m always on the hunt for a great face mask, something that isn’t too pricey yet still does the trick so I decided to give this a go.

I was pleasantly surprised at the price point – with all the hype around it I wasn’t expecting to only pay $11 for 450 grams. That sounds too good to be true! After doing some research I ended up order two tubs off iherb. They say one tub (450 grams) makes 10-15 facials. I definitely think otherwise! Although as I’m writing this I’m currently bathing my face in only my second facial, I think a tub will stretch even further – I’m tempted to say you’ll get at least 25 facials out of this bad boy if not more.

The prep work is a little bit annoying, as the clay comes in a powder form you need to mix it with either water or raw apple cider vinegar. I’m not sure why someone hasn’t thought of selling this pre made to the public or if they have clearly I’m living under a rock. It is difficult to determine just how much powder you’ll need for one facial so it’s a bit of a hit and miss. Once you’ve blended up your ingredients though, applying it is pretty simple.

I apply mine throughout my T Zone and a little bit on my cheeks depending on how my skin is that day. I go for a semi thick layer – making sure I don’t see any skin seeping through,

You will notice a tingly hot sensation after a few minutes. The first time I didn’t notice it too much however the second time it was quite significant and I had to lay my concentration elsewhere otherwise I could feel myself taking it off very quickly! It is advised to keep the mask on for 10-15 minutes for best results. It does dry fairly quickly, just don’t expect to eat or drink anything during that time as your face literally feels like you’ve had 100 injections of botox put into it.

Many people have mentioned a disgusting smell when applying it and when you initially hear about it, it is quite off putting and although there is a smell it’s nothing extreme, it’s not the most pleasant smell in the world but I found it to be very bearable.

Once you’re ready to take the mask off – be warned it gets a little bit tricky. The packaging states to rinse with warm water, I find that the because the mask is ‘glued’ to your skin you’re going to run out of hot water before you manage to get it off so what I do is heat up a face cloth and gently scrub it off.

They also say your skin will be red for about 30 minutes afterwards and this couldn’t be more accurate. I would advise using this mask at night because the aftermath can be quite intense.

With any face mask I always make sure to rinse my face with cold water after (this closes up the pores) and apply a moisturiser and bio oil. Face masks do take tend to dry out your skin so make sure to add hydration back in where you can.

I haven’t noticed instant results but I’m keen to continue applying this mask every few days to see if any results do kick in. I’m pretty lucky to have fairly good skin, my teenage years are behind me, thank goodness! So for me it’s more about getting rid of blackheads which I carry plenty of around my nose area.

All in all, I am definitely happy I gave this a go. It’s not a purchase regret at all and I’m excited to see results.

Have you guys tried this mask? If so, what are your thoughts?


Much love,

Nikita xx