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Why lighting is so important…

I often get asked questions about which lighting I use to take my eye shots for Instagram – in a nutshell I use natural daytime lighting away from direct sunlight when taking close up pictures of my eye makeup, for YouTube videos however I use LED lighting. Why do I use different lighting you ask? Well I find using artificial lighting for videos works well for me because I don’t need to rely on sunlight and I can film at any time of the day or night. However I like to use natural light for my Instagram posts because I don’t need direct sunlight to take the picture (overcast days actually work best for me!) and I find for some reason natural light allows the pigmentation of my shadows to really come through. To be honest I think I have my camera settings on the ‘wrong’ function as I know so many amazing bloggers who use a ring light to take close up eye shots and it works well!

Anyways I was creating an eye look a few days ago and the lighting was absolutely terrible – to the point where I wasn’t going to bother anymore and just call it a day. Just as I was about to take my eye makeup off I looked in the mirror and thought I am clearly seeing something totally different to what the camera is picking up. I was pretty happy with how the makeup turned out but after taking some pictures I started doubting myself.


Here is one of the first pictures I took, I used natural lighting and sat in the same spot as I normally do…so what was going on?!

If you guys have met me, you would know I am my own worst critic! I am a perfectionist and it drives me insane so immediately after taking this picture I thought wtf is wrong with today – my work is generally not like this.

Going back to my earlier post when I looked in the mirror and thought why is the camera not picking up what I see; I decided to change up my lighting slightly. I started trying out different lighting in different rooms of the house. Still using natural lighting however I changed up the angles slightly and stood further away from a window.

I’m not going to lie – it took me a good 15 minutes to find a perfect lighting spot and after much moaning and bitching I decided it probably wasn’t going to get much better than this so I snapped away. Looking at the comparison I was blown away. The exact same eye look with no touch ups whatsoever and this is the result.

If ever you find yourself in this position, just take a little bit more time and play with different lighting and/or settings on your camera if need be.

There is no wrong or right lighting to be using – it all comes down to how you use it to your advantage.

Theres also some great websites which help enhance your image ( I use the free version of this webpage to change the contrast and highlight of a certain look to bring the colours and pigmentation more to life.

With love,