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What’s with all the hype around Hydrating Sprays/Mists?

You can be sure there’s bound to be a new product being introduced into the beauty market almost weekly. First we discovered “The Importance of Setting Sprays” – now it seems the beauty community is on a new hype with “Hydrating Sprays”. Although a small selection of these bad boys have been around for a while, it seems companies are now jumping on board with this idea and many brands are creating their own version of a hydrating spray. I didn’t really think much of it, initially in my head I thought my moisturiser should be adding all the hydrating benefits into my skin without me having to invest in more products.

I don’t know if it’s the sudden change in temperature (it’s gotten pretty chilly in Christchurch!) or after trying some hydrating sprays but my head suddenly thinks it’s the greatest thing and I cannot seem to go without it lately. I still go by my usual skin care routine (Cleanser, Serum, Moisturiser) but now my skin feels tight without some sort of hydrating mist.

My fiancé is a true believer in not getting caught up in skin care products as your body ends up relying on them which I totally agree with but I still stand by the fact that a skin care regime is a vital part of everyday life, especially for women. It’s a very tricky road to go down, because once you start there’s not much hope of going back to basics.

I however, always say I need to invest more time in my skin and give it the TLC it deserves. So a part of me is okay with spending a little bit more money on products that I know I don’t really need but my skin will love me for it.

Many hydrating mists also have the added benefit of working as a primer and a setting spray too, so if you look at it from that point of view it’s technically a money saver right?!

Some benefits of a hydrating spray include:

  • Instant ‘pick me up’ – whether this stuff actually works or not your skin is guaranteed to immediately feel refreshed and revitalised
  • Helps keep your makeup fresh and I find some mists help to prolong your makeup
  • Perfect if you suffer from dry skin
  • Added vitamins and minerals locked into your skin until you wash your face


I like to give myself a good two to three sprays almost daily – I especially find this is a must on days I wear makeup. I like to concentrate majority of the spray around my eye area. As I’m wearing heavy eye makeup, often my eyes seems to get the most tired and dry.

Some hydrating sprays I have been obsessing over include:

  • Urban Decay B6 Vitamin Infused Spray – $59 (NZD)
  • Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Hydrating Mist – $44 (NZD)
  • MAC Fix + (travel size) – $20 (NZD)


Hydrating sprays can be found in store or online at most beauty sites. What do you think of them? Is it something you see yourself investing in? Let me know.