Beauty Babble

Wedding Preparation

Your step by step guide to looking and feeling your absolute best!


That beautiful and elegant hair do, the glowing golden tan, and the dazzling smile are just some of the things you’ll see on the Bride when attending a wedding. Many guests will think it took an hour or two creating your perfect wedding day look – however what some people aren’t aware of is the fact it took weeks if not months of planning and preparation for this day!


I’m not talking planning the wedding (although that alone frightens me), but planning your beauty regime. Don’t be tricked into thinking you can leave this phase until the very end – trust me this will be one of the many important things to organise early!


Skin: It’s commonly known that brides will breakout a day or two before their wedding and it’s totally understandable as to why. Get into a good skincare routine now so you don’t regret it later. Although you cannot make blemishes and pimples disappear immediately there are some home remedies you can do to make them less visible…

  • If you see a pimple appearing – dab some tee tree oil on this area and leave it on overnight. Tee Tree Oil is an anti bacterial product that in turn would of course eliminate bacteria – combined with it’s natural properties tee tree oil doesn’t leave your skin exposed to harsh chemicals.
  • Wear a face mask 5-6 days prior to your wedding to get a good boost of hydration into your skin (however ensure it is a face mask you are familiar with and have used before).
  • Allow your skin to breath the day before your wedding. That means wearing no makeup – if you absolutely have to wear makeup ensure you cleanse like never before that night.


Waxing: Many brides opt to be waxed before their wedding. Whilst it’s rare for something to go wrong, if you have never had a wax before I urge you to do a trial run 2ish months before the big day. Waxing can leave that area red, swelled and painful for a few days.

When you go for your final wax before the big day you’ll know what to expect and be able to plan accordingly.


Hair: Your wedding is not the time to experiment with different hair colours and dramatic changes. Save that for a later date.

Many people suffer with dry scalp, dandruff, split ends etc, ensure you go to the hairdresser a couple times before the big day to get the treatment your hair deserves. You may find yourself investing in some higher end products, do your research before so you confident it will work.

Also, play around with different hair styles (without the scissors) to see what hairstyle you would like on your big day. Have your hair trial a few weeks before so you know how you would like your hair done and give yourself some leeway if you decide to change it.


Nails: As insignificant as this may be, it is an essential part in the beauty regime. When the photographer takes a close up shot of your ring no doubt your hands will be in the picture too! Nails grow fast enough that you can get on a good track a couple of months before the wedding and have them looking like a million bucks on the day.

  • Always have hand cream handy, apply this bad boy after you wash your hands and before bed time. This will give your skin good hydration and moisture leaving them silky smooth.
  • Use a nail strength/hardener polish to give your nails some protection! Especially if you’re thinking of having acrylics on for the day, you want your nails to be able to take the pressure and not chip away when the acrylics are removed.
  • Don’t forget about your feet! Although they probably won’t be seen much, if your honeymooning somewhere in the Bahamas your bound to have your feet on display.


Makeup: I haven’t yet heard of a bride not doing her own makeup or having someone else do it (in other words being completely bare faced) for their wedding. So you can only assume that this would be very important to every bride – even if they not too interested in beauty.

Getting your makeup done: 

Do your research! Many makeup artists might be cheaper but there’s generally always a reason for this. I truly believe you get what you pay for.

  • Have your makeup trial a good 2-3 months before – that way if you don’t like what the artist does, it gives you enough time to find someone new. Take a white dress or t-shirt along on the day (or a shirt that is the same colour of your dress) and wear this so you can see how you makeup looks contrasted to the shirt. Sounds crazy; I know but you’d be surprised how a coloured piece of clothing can change your makeup!
  • Ensure you are bared faced and ready on the day so your makeup artist can get straight to work. Every second counts! It’s pretty rare that your makeup will look flawless all day long so ask about touching up techniques that your bridesmaids can help you with throughout the day.


Doing your own makeup:

As scary as it sounds, if you do your own makeup on an everyday basis there isn’t anything new to doing it for your wedding. I think the added pressure of having to look ‘perfect’ in your own eyes makes people shy away – however if you’re not 100% confident then I would recommend getting your makeup done professionally.

  • Ensure you use products that are SPF FREE! SPF is known to be the cause of flashback in flash photography so avoid it at all costs.
  • Start with your eyes first – whether your using glitter, sparkle or matte shadows your bound to have a little bit of fallout. Sweep this away easily without worrying about messing up your foundation.
  • Avoid winged liner, contouring and over-lining your lips. Apart from the fact these techniques can go so wrong so easily, I personally feel like your makeup should be as natural as possible.



Lash extensions are a huge hit and I can see why. It takes the worrying out of applying falsies and it lasts for weeks. Especially if you’re honeymooning straight after, it would be ideal. Again however, if you haven’t had these babies before do a trial run 2-3 months prior too ensure it works for you!

Falsies are also great – you have endless options of styles and lengths. If you choose to wear falsies on the day, I recommend using a waterproof lash glue and wearing falsies with an invisible band. This will make it 10x easier when applying them.

Check out my bridal tutorial here:


Tanning: If you’re like me and never catch a ray of sunlight then you might be thinking about tanning options too.

Sunbeds: These are a great way to get a natural tan that will last a good while. You also can’t ‘overdo’ this form of tanning as you’ll need a few sessions, with each session you can decide if you would like more or not. There is a lot of controversy towards this subject but you need to make your own conclusions.

Spray Tanning: Another great option however I feel there are more cons then pros…although it is pretty much effort free and if done by a professional can be streak free and natural looking (ensure you give this a trial run before your wedding) spray tanning only looks good for the first three days before it starts turning into your ex best friend. Also using perfumes and deodorants is a big no no – it can leave you looking patchy where applied and in some cases take tan off completely. Who doesn’t want to wear perfume on their wedding day?!

Natural Tanning: It’s always been a plan of mine to holiday a week before my wedding – preferably somewhere that involves me laying on a beach with a cocktail in one hand and a book in another. With all the stress of your wedding; you’ll soon be due for a holiday just for yourself, allowing you time to unwind and look forward to your wedding rather then fretting over the small things! I’m assuming that in three years time I’ll have plenty of extra cash to be able to do this (dreams are free right?!) and if that is the case this would be the perfect time to catch some sunlight and bronze up a little.


Teeth: You’re going to be smiling more times on your wedding day than any other, I know I’m not very confident smiling when my teeth aren’t looking the best. At home teeth whitening is a great, cost effective and easy way to get your teeth looking fine and give you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Do be aware though, it takes time and effort and most importantly consistence. Many products will have different guidelines on how to use them but you can mainly expect to be using the product up to 5 times a week at night. Like I said, consistence.

If you feel this sounds a bit too much you can always have your teeth professional whitened. This will be a 3 hour procedure max and you’ll be done for a good couple of years. Do be aware though this will impact your pocket just a little bit but the pros seem to be worth it.


What other beauty tips/tricks do you have that will be handy to someone getting married?