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Silk Oil of Morocco

Whether your after some good skincare remedies and enhancers or a change of makeup – Silk Oil of Morocco has you covered.

With a range of hair care; skin care and cosmetics, all of their products hold one key ingredient…Organic Argan Oil.

Argan oil is known for hydration and moisture and because it’s included in every product you can be certain your skin will feel amazing after each and every application.

To me, this brand focuses a lot of their time and passion towards skincare so I was pleasantly surprised when their cosmetic line was just as good.


Fibre Brow Enhancer Kit: 

This kit includes:

1x Fibre Brow Enhancer (colour chosen by you)

1x Set of Tweezers

1x Clear Brow Fixing Gel

Let me start off by saying – their ‘clear brow fixing gel’ is one of the best I have ever tried. It is extremely similar to the ABH Clear Brow Gel which you guys know is my ultimate fav. It locks the hairs in place for hours on end without giving off a gel like feel, meaning your hairs won’t go rock hard and make you feel like your carrying an extra 5 pounds on your brows.

The ‘fibre brow enhancer’ allows your brows to be natural yet defined. I have noticed that it takes a little bit more time to do my brows but I’m sure if you use this product consecutively you’ll get the hang of it in no time. It fills in the sparse areas easily, I don’t find myself having to re-apply more product in this area as I do with other brow products!


Argan Hair and Skin Treatment:

Now, if you’re thinking “how can this be both a hair and skin treatment?”, don’t worry that puzzled my mind too. I don’t know how this baby manages to leave both my hair and skin feeling enriched and soft but it does and it does it well. I must admit I’ve been using this bad boy a lot more on my hair than my skin as it helps protect my hair against damage from heating and styling tools such as hair straighteners.


Pure Argan Oil:

Makeup is my all time passion and it’s something I wear on a daily – however it’s good and in some ways refreshing to concentrate on skincare products every once in a while. I have been spending those few extra minutes at night to give my skin the care it needs. After I cleanse my face and before I moisturise I drop a few bits of this baby onto my skin (concentrating the main part on my forehead and eye area) and rub in gently. This oil gives my skin the moisture it needs and adds a beautiful glow to my skin.

I carried this baby around with me on holiday, sitting in 30 degree heat most days, it takes it out of your skin and without knowing it your skin will become tired. I can honestly say my skin was back to being brand new at night when I used this product.

I would recommend to only use this product at night – when you don’t intend on wearing any makeup. Wearing this oil under makeup is a big no no. In my experience anyway my makeup didn’t take to my skin whatsoever.


You can view the full range of Silk Oil of Morocco here: