Beauty Babble

Makeup for when you’re feeling a bit under the weather

Recently I caught on a pretty big cold, this shouldn’t be a surprise to me anymore – I tend to get more sick than anyone else I know. It’s always the same ordeal, travelling in and out of the city, unhealthy heating for a few days and then BAM something hits me and I feel like absolute shit. No matter how many vitamins I take or how hard I try to avoid a cold you can be sure i’ll catch one sometime in the very near future again…


So I decided why not let you guys in on what I do makeup wise when I am feeling a bit under the weather, let’s face it as much as I’d like to stay in bed all week watching Netflix, my lifestyle doesn’t give me that freedom so I need to grin and bare it and try my best to look like i’m not secretly regretting getting out of bed in the morning.


  • Hydrating Spray – an absolute must for times like these! My skin tends to get super dry and I simply cannot go without some sort of mist to lock in some hydration that I’m sure my skin needs. This is great to use before, during and after makeup although I generally stick to before and just bathe my skin it in so I’m set to go for the rest of the day.
  • Light Coverage Foundation – this is something I don’t generally opt for, however times like these change me and I definitely don’t want to feel ‘cakey’ when I’m feeling this way. Give your skin some breathing room, if you’re happy to go without foundation for the day.
  • Concealer – a beauty lovers best friend regardless of the occasion! This baby will help not only blemishes/pimples but under eye bags. Yup, you heard me just dab some of this under your eyes and you will feel 10x better.
  • Skip the eyeshadow – for me personally I don’t have the energy to spend time blending out eyeshadow so I’d rather set my lids in place with some powder and instead spend a couple of minutes adding more mascara to my lashes.
  • Give your skin a healthy glow – for times like these I like to still to cream/liquid products, I have been obsessed with Benefit Dew the Hoola which is a liquid bronzing product. I apply this around my forehead, cheek bones and down my neck and it not only gives me a beautiful glow (like I’ve spent a week in the Bahamas!) but because its not a powder it’s not going to settle into my dry skin. Same goes for highlighter, opt for something that will give you a natural glow.

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