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L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation Review

Hey guys,

I posted a first impressions review and demo of the new L’Oreal Foundation on my YouTube Channel and I mentioned I would update you guys on how the foundation lasted and look at the end of the night. I am super impressed with how it lasted, although I didn’t have many doubts it’s always tricky when using a new foundation as to how it can hold up throughout the day.


This baby has a RRP of 39.99 NZD and is available in six (6) shades.

First and foremost I first applied a primer all over my skin (I used L’Oreal Lumi Primer) – using a primer is part of my daily routine so I felt it was best to try this new foundation on top of products I generally wear. I always recommend wearing the same brand primer as your foundation as companies design their products to work with each other so you’re more likely to get a perfect application and finish this way.

This foundation is described as a matte full coverage finish and let me say it’s nothing short of that. I would 99% of the time go in with a concealer afterwards as I feel sometimes my blemishes and eczema seeps tends to seep through but after applying two layers of this bad boy I felt it was absolutely perfect on my skin.

The thing that really amazed me was even though the finish was super matte and after applying two layers was pretty full coverage – I couldn’t tell I even had it on. I was still able to pull expressions and smile without having that feeling that my face is going to crack.



  • It applies and the finish is exactly how it’s advertised!
  • Super full coverage that is BUILDABLE – this is a must for me because sometimes brands advertise their product as being full coverage but it might not be what I describe as ‘full coverage’.
  • It applies well over products and products apply well over it. I used my everyday products and I had no problem with blending.
  • It required no touch ups whatsoever! I had this baby on for around 8 hours and didn’t have to touch up once. I have dry to combination skin with the occasional oily T Zone.


  • Unfortunately it’s a wee bit pricey for the amount of product you get.
  • Although I didn’t have a problem combining my shade, as only six shades are available I worry this may be an issue to some.
  • Not suitable for someone with dry skin. The foundation tended to cling to a couple of dry patches on my face so if dry skin is something you have I would steer clear of this foundation. Totally understandable given it is a matte finish.

All in all this foundation definitely gets my stamp of approval. What really struck me is the high coverage it offers and the fact it really stays in place. It’s advertised to be 24hr wear, although I couldn’t see this anywhere on the packaging I haven’t put it to the test just yet to see if it’s accurate.