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How To: Get Started on Instagram

Instagram…it’s a very familiar word; in fact when you hear someone doesn’t have an IG account you question them. Like Facebook, Instagram has created a buzz in the social media world. A recent article suggested users spend an average of 21 minutes per day on Instagram – it’s no wonder companies are starting to collab with big name beauty bloggers.

Years ago, the thought of having a full time job through social media seemed unrealistic – to this day the thought still blows my mind but it is possible. Although it’s not going to be easy, it is achievable for anyone willing to give it a shot.

This week I thought I would do something different, I’ve seen a few topics floating about on how to start up an Instagram account and I thought I would give my two cents worth…

Please note – these are my own personal experiences and ways I have found to help build my page. I don’t believe there is a wrong and a right way; most of it depends on time, luck and hard work.

First and foremost, decide what it is you want your account to be about. For me, it’s beauty; specifically eye makeup looks. Don’t jump from one thing to another, find something that you want to portray and stick to that theme.

Post often but only if its worth it – have a posting schedule and stick to it. I like to post daily, throwing in a few extras here and there. This to me shows my followers that I am determined and passionate about what I do. I understand not everyone has spare time on their hands to do this, but regardless of how often you post stick to a routine so your followers know when they can expect something from you.

Use #hashtags! You would not believe how powerful hashtags can be. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per a post, although this may seem like a lot, once you get into the swing of things sometimes it’s not enough! There are MANY shoutout pages who have their own hashtag which they encourage you to use, using their hashtag gives them permission to repost your image. This can create great exposure! Spend some time researching pages that give shoutouts relating to your account and tag them in your posts.

Reply to comments – get a conversation going with your viewers. Get to know them as well. It’s a great feeling having that interaction with your followers, at the end of the day they are the ones who are supporting what you do so make time for them.

Support other people – you aren’t the first person doing what you do and you won’t be the last. Support and encourage your Instagram friends, there is more than enough room in this world for us ALL to do what we love.

Take negativity to your head, not your heart. This is something I want to push on everyone. As you grow you will experience negativity, unfortunately it’s part of it. Not everyone will like what you do, and some will feel the need to express it more than others. However, don’t let it affect you. I realise this is easier said than done and I don’t condone bullying in anyway, shape or form but take those harsh comments through the one ear and out the other. Those bullies are not worth your time, or your thoughts!

Integrate your social media accounts; if you just posted something on Instagram let your Facebook and Twitter friends know. Don’t be scared to share your work around. Provide links where possible.

DON’T GIVE UP! There have been countless times where I’ve wanted to give up, and if it wern’t for my boyfriend and friends encouraging me I wouldn’t be where I am today. Surround yourself with positive people who want to see you succeed! If this is something you really want to do, then don’t let a bad day end your passion. No great person became great overnight.

I wish you all the best on your journey, be a role model for somebody! 🙂

Leave your Instagram account below if you would like us to check it out and let’s get supporting each other!