Getting back on track after the New Year

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year – I sure did! There’s nothing I look more forward to then taking a couple of weeks off not only from work but from everything. My routine goes out the window, my diet is un-heard of and the sleep ins…my favourite thing – the thought of laying in bed not having to get up for anything…mmmhmmm I could get used to this.

While I would love the idea of living like this forever, as it gets closer to the New Year, reality starts to sink in a bit and I realise that the resolutions I put into place every year never seems to get achieved. I always start off great – really great actually; New Year, New ME! annnnd then something happens and I go totally off track.

Maybe it’s because of our wedding happening in less then 9 weeks but one way or another I am determined to make this year not only the year to reach my goal weight but make it a year I can be exceptionally proud of!

It did help that the 1st of January was a Monday – I always say my diet and “new life” starts on a Monday and the fact that it was the first calendar day of the Month…well my OCD brain was definitely happy!

I’ve read and heard so much about the ‘fasting’ diet Many women swear by it as a quick and somewhat easy way to loose a few pounds so I decided to give it a go. I’m currently eight days in and let’s just say only now am I starting to see my normal self again. My fiancé’ has put up with a whole other side of me that I didn’t know existed. We do often joke about the fact that I get hangry (angry when I’m hungry) and truth be told this week I’ve gotten more then hangry. I’ve become short tempered, I cried for absolutely no reason, I’ve been an emotional wreck!

With the fasting diet, you only allow yourself a window of 4 hours to eat (in my case anyway). So effectively you do not eat or drink anything other then water until it’s time to eat again.

Despite having a very hard and hungry week, I am glad I have stuck to it and I can already notice a difference on the scales! Like any diet there are pros and cons to it but I’m definitely loving the pros.

Anyway, I feel like this post has turned into my newly introduced diet rather then focusing on the main point. I have this year decided to write my goals down and when I’ve achieved them give a big tick next to it. I find this has been a lot more encouraging because I can see on paper how far I’ve come and strive to keep going.

My diet for instance – I have printed out the calendar month of January and every day I complete my fasting successfully I simply put a tick on that day. Trust me, after a few ticks you’re going to want to keep on pumping through. Although I may not see results on my body immediately, seeing results on paper is just as rewarding.

I’ve also decided to maintain a regular schedule with work, gym and social time. Often I will find myself prioritising one thing over another and while this isn’t necessarily a bad thing it does soon become a habit and I realise I have been neglecting other important aspects to my life. I like to live by the motto if you don’t like something change it – and although this is a lot better said then done this year we’re going to change just that.

Setting aside even 10 minutes a day for things you often dread about, really does help in the long run. Think about it…you spend 8+ hours a day at work, then its the travelling to and from home, the groceries, the cleaning, the cooking, and then the thought of cramming anything else into the day seems impossible but taking it one small step at a time is the key.

Cleaning for example; I know many people who leave the house work till the weekends and then most of their weekend is taken up by this very task. Who wants to spend the weekend cleaning?! Definitely not me, clean as you go, if you see something is dirty clean it there and then. It will be a pain at first but once you get into the habit it will save your weekends for the fun stuff.

What do your New Years resolutions involve?