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Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skincare Range

I’m pretty lucky to have clear skin 90% of the time – although I still suffer from the occasional breakout every now and then, my skins seems to be in a happy place right now. I don’t know whether its due to the fact that during my teenage years my skin decided to embarrass me in every way possible or if it’s just a ‘good’ year. I’m hoping it’s the first option and my skin has done enough punishment to me for the rest of my life…whatever the case is I know that Elizabeth Arden has definitely helped me along the way!

I’ve only been on the EA bandwagon for a couple of years, I tried many skincare products before and none of them seemed to work with my skin. It either left me too dry, too flaky, too ‘dirty’ or it just felt like I was putting money down the drain because I didn’t notice any improvements to my skin.

However, with Elizabeth Arden I feel like I’m feeding my skin gold. My skin feels so hydrated, energised and leaves me with a constant smile on my face.


Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Cleanser PRO’s:

  • This baby comes in a 125ml bottle, and because you only need to use a penny sized amount each time this product lasts ages! I only need to think about buying a new one every 3-4 months.
  • When mixed with water this cleanser foams which I love!
  • It’s pretty much a makeup remover as well. Okay I wouldn’t use this baby as the sole purpose to remove my makeup, but sometimes I’ll still have some mascara left on my lashes or some eyeshadow on my lids and I can guarantee this cleanser will leave my skin 100% clean.
  • It’s well worth the buck!


Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Cleanser CON’s:

  • I’ve thought long and hard about this and I cannot find something wrong with this cleanser.


Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Moisturiser PRO’s:

  • I love the fact that you can get this bad boy is a SPF 15 version or a no SPF version. I generally always opt for the no SPF version however in the Summertime it’s great to know that your moisturiser can contain a little protection against the sun.
  • Much like the cleanser this baby goes a long way – you only need a dab of it on your forehead, nose and cheeks.
  • The product works it’s way into your skin and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky.
  • My skin feels hydrated and soft.


Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Moisturiser CON’s:

  • This product comes in a plastic jar with a simple twist on and twist off lid – every time I open this baby I feel like I’m exposing it to hundreds of nasty germs floating around.


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Have you tried the Elizabeth Arden skincare range? What do you think of it?