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Elizabeth Arden “Grand Entrance” Mascara


When I saw Elizabeth Arden was releasing a new mascara, to be honest a lot didn’t cross my mind. When it comes to mascara there’s not a lot of difference between them (in my opinion) so I always tend to place every brand and style into the same category. It makes my lashes a little thicker and longer.

Of course I’ll have my favourites that I tend to reach for more than others but other than that mascara is well…mascara.

I’ve been trialling this product in and out for around three weeks, I’ve used it on it’s own, on top of another brand, underneath another brand etc etc. One thing I have noticed it that this mascara is somewhat different to all my others. I don’t know if it’s just a funny coincidence or if this bad boy is has made me realise that not all mascaras are the same, but I do know my lashes seem to be loving this baby just as much as me!


The wand:

The mascara wand is quite skinny which I love, it allows you to get to the very root of your lashes to define them and with it’s three way technology brush application you can lengthen and curl your lashes in an instant.

When using the wand like ‘normal’, I still can see the lengthening and definition it gives to my lashes but when I followed the steps provided I found my lashes became almost like a natural pair of falsies.

The formula: 

Elizabeth Arden has included four key ingredients to making this baby different from the rest.

• Lash Building Complex—A vitamin fortified peptide complex that locks onto lashes like a magnet for volume and lift.

• Olive Esters—An emollient-rich extract that coats and separates individual lashes, helping to condition, treat, and protect lashes for clump- and flake-free definition.

• Rice Bran Esters—A vitamin B complex and essential fatty acid-rich extract that helps to condition lashes for an overall healthier and plumper appearance.

• Carnauba Esters—A moisturising extract that helps to support the appearance of longer lashes.


Things you should know: 

This mascara comes in two shades – “Stunning Black” to get that natural falsie effect to your lashes and “Stunning Brown” for those who like a more subtle lengthening and definition to their lashes.

Both have a RRP of $58 and can be found at Elizabeth Counters nationwide!