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Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start Perfecting Primer

Going by just the name of this primer I can tell it’s going to be good. And to be fair, what products from Elizabeth Arden aren’t?!

I received this baby in the mail around a week ago and I instantly had to try it out. I had just got off a plane from Auckland in the evening, rushed to do promo makeup for a radio station and even after telling myself ‘just try it in the morning’, my heart said no and I was well on my way to taking off my makeup and applying it again just so I could see how amazing it truly was.

To be fair I didn’t do a full face of makeup but I applied just enough to see what it was like.

Now, I know what you thinking…how could I possibly give an opinion of something I wore for an hour. Let’s just say that’s only the start of my adventure with this primer.

I don’t know if it’s because of the insanely gold and sleek packaging that I feel like a million bucks when using this primer, or the fact that it is actually really good but I know one thing for sure, I haven’t used any of my other primers all week!

Featuring a triple blurring complex with light-diffusing technology, it blurs fine lines and pores and evens the look of the skin, to create a flawless backdrop for makeup application.


How I apply it:

Like all primers, I apply a fairly generous amount to my forehead and nose area (this is where I tend to get oily throughout the day). I wait a couple of minutes before applying my foundation to allow the product to really soak into my skin.

How it feels: 

Like a baby’s bottom! Seriously, once I apply this primer I can’t help but run my hands over my face. It gives a very silky smooth texture to the skin. Not slippery but very very silky. One thing I have noticed is that after a while it feels a bit powdery – not in a bad way and does it by no means flake off it just feels as if i’m rubbing the top part of my hand before I apply moisturiser to it.

Is it worth it?

I’d be lying if I said there weren’t other products on the market which in some way could offer some of the same results; however I haven’t come across one that can diminish the appearance of lines around my eye area. Not in a primer form anyway, so to me I would put this product on a whole new level. Although I found quite amazing results, I think someone with even older skin would notice these results quite drastically and find this primer to be a holy grail.

This baby is out in stores on March 7th and will retail for $59.


What primers do you love?


With love,