Benefit Brows - WOW your brows!

Benefit Brows - WOW your brows!

Benefit Cosmetics does not play games when it comes to not only their brow products but their entire range. Their brow goodies have made global headlines with some products being labelled ‘award winning’. 

Brows are becoming more and more popular, with some people making it their main focus in their makeup routine (myself included). No matter what brow look you’re after, there’s one thing for certain – it’s hard to achieve perfect brows without any effort. 

Creating several products specifically designed for all types brows, Benefit Cosmetics has entered the game head on.

What brow products are best for you? Let's explore some below. 

Goof Proof Brow Pencil: Available in 12 shades you’ll be sure to find your perfect colour match. This brow pencil is perfect for beginners who are new to the eyebrow world. The product is intended to be exactly as it’s labelled…”Goof Proof”. Featuring a soft, non sharpened tip it’s perfect to fill in your brows on the go.

Gimme Brow: This has got to be one of my favourite brow products from the range. Available in eight (8) shades you can have the effect of fuller and thicker brows in an instant. I love to use this on already filled in brows to help keep the hairs in place and fill in any sparse areas I may have missed. This baby can also be used on its own when you feel like having a more natural brow.  

Precisely, My Brow Pencil: This product has been my go recently. Having a very precise tip, this baby works great to define and outline your brows while mimicking the appearance of hairs. It can be used to achieve a very natural or very constructed brow depending on your preference. The more pressure you apply the darker it will be, allowing you to be in complete control. Available in twelve shades, again you’ll have no trouble finding your perfect colour match.

Ka Brow: If you’re a fan of pomades you’re going to love this one! I love to use pomades with an angled eye brush (which this comes with!) to get a very crisp, clean, and semi bold effect to my brows. The packaging alone will grab you and the formula is even better. Make sure you tightly secure the lid once you're done with it to ensure it doesn't dry out. Available in eight (8) shades. 

Brow Zings: This is another goodie that is great for beginners. Providing two powder shades per compact, it's so easy switching between the two to achieve that beautiful ombre effect. A powder offers a more natural effect to your brows and doesn't require much precision so you can fill in your brows in a flash. Available in six (6) shades.  

24 Hour Brow Setting Gel: This is one of my favourite brow gels. It keeps your brow hairs in place without giving you the glue/tacky feeling. Definitely a must have in your collection.


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