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Benefit Brows – WOW Your Brows!

Benefit Cosmetics played no games with the release of their new brow products – introducing new ways to have your brows on fleek, these babies have made global headlines with some products already being labelled ‘award winning’.

Brows are becoming more and more popular, with some people making it their main focus in their makeup routine. No matter what brow look you’re after, there’s one thing for certain – it’s hard to achieve the perfect brow on your own.

Creating several products specifically for brows, Benefit has changed the game entirely.


Goof Proof Brow Pencil: Available in six (6) shades you’ll be sure to find your perfect colour match. This brow pencil is perfect for beginners who are new to the eyebrow world. The product is intended to be exactly as it’s labelled…”Goof Proof”. Featuring a soft, non sharpened tip it’s perfect to fill in your brows on the go.

Gimme Brow: This has got to be one of my favourite brow products from the range. Although it’s been around for a while, with the new launch of Benefit’s Brow products this baby didn’t fall short at all. Available in three (3) shades you can have the effect of fuller and thicker brows in an instant. I love to use this on top of brows I’ve filled in to help keep the hairs in place and fill in any sparse areas I may have missed.

Precisely, My Brow Pencil: This is a product I reach for if I’m after more defined but natural looking brows. Having a very precise tip, the baby works great to define and outline your brows while mimicking the appearance of hairs. Available in six (6) shades, again you’ll have no trouble finding your perfect colour match.

Ka Brow: If you’re a fan of pomades you’re going to love this one! I love to use pomades with an angled eye brush (which this comes with!) to get a very crisp, clean, and semi bold effect to my brows. As much as I love this product I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners as I feel you need to be quite precise and patient when applying it. These are only my thoughts and recommendations and by no way am I telling you to avoid this product if you’re a beginner but I feel there’s some better suited products if you’re just beginning your journey into the brow world (as above).

Brow Zings: Who would of thought there would be so many great amazing brow products on the market today? Although each brow product is designed to get your brows on ‘fleek’, each product is so different. Brow Zings is a brow duo compact which provides a coloured powder product and a wax application too. I love to use this product on clients as I find the powder is great to enhance the brows while still giving a natural effect to them too.

Ready, Set, Clear Brow Gel: This has got to be the most amazing brow gel I have tried! Theres not much more to say other then it works! It keeps your hairs fully in place without giving you the glue/tacky feeling. Definitely a must in your collection.


You can find this collection and more of your fav Bene products online or in-store at Ballentynes.


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