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360 Beauty Video

Hey guys!

I am beyond excited to announce that I am pretty confident I am the first beauty blogger IN THE WORLD to record and produce a 360 degree beauty tutorial.

Technology is constantly changing and I think it’s so important for us to keep up to date with it and experience ‘the future’. You can find my first 360 beauty video here:

As this technology is so new, unfortunately it can only be viewed on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Also, please note Safari (MAC) doesn’t currently support this technology so I would suggest using your phone and opening up the YouTube app and playing it through there.

You can search my channel by typing it @nikitahhx

360 technology is great because it allows the viewer to look at many different aspects of one video. You can scroll up, down, side to side or better yet move your phone across the room to get a true 360 experience.


Let me know what you guys think xx