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How to become a Freelance Makeup Artist

Beauty Book’s newly introduced online makeup artistry platform offers a hassle free booking service, text reminders, blogger events nationwide and amazing regular giveaways (one which you can enter below!).


Being a freelancer in the beauty industry can be quite daunting. Whatever made you decide to take the plunge and go off in the world on your own, you can know one thing for certain…it won’t be all that easy.

Makeup artistry is becoming a popular career choice. As great as that is, it also makes it hard to get the exposure you would  like in this fast paced industry.

I always find that coming up with a business plan is key to kickstart any career. Decide everything from the get go – how much will you charge? What age bracket are you wanting to work most with? Will you be specific to brides only or be open to any kind of makeup challenge? What will be your must have products in your kit?

Having a clear vision will make the journey so much easier.


As well as a business plan, I personally think it’s so important to have goals set in place. A lot of people have their five or ten year goal plan and if you’re somewhat like me…the thought of this scares the crap out of me! So lately I have been setting a yearly goal plan – I find this is much more rewarding and in some ways I find it motivates me more.

Last but not least – an essential part of being a freelancer involves having your own kit! Don’t be alarmed buy the sound of this…yes it may involve you having to invest a little but I truly believe in using products you have not only tried but love!

Products I swear by include: Lorac Pro Palette, Urban Decay “All Nighter” Setting Spray, Smashbox Lid Primer, Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer and MAC’s “Soft & Gentle” Highlighter.

Basic hygiene is necessary so I always ensure I have clean brushes, disposable wands, and anti bacterial wipes.


Once you have nailed down the nitty gritty stuff, the next step is to have a portfolio. Let’s face it, not many people will be happy to have you as their makeup artist if you don’t have proof of your talent. You don’t necessarily need a fancy website or to be carrying around a 10 page book. But you do need something.

This is where social media comes into play.  Start up an account on whichever platform you think will suit you  best and work from that – ensuring you post regularly to keep traffic up.

Advertising…this is something that a lot of people shy away from because it can be costly. However there are some amazing ways to get your name out there without breaking the bank.

Beauty Book is a newly introduced online platform that allows customers to not only view profiles of makeup artists in their area but check their availability and book directly if they like what they see.

A makeup artist (when joined) will have the ability to have their own online profile show casing their talent, have integrated calendars letting potential clients know if they are free or not (this will save you the guilt and apologetic exchange) and also allow you to collaborate and meet other makeup artists nationwide.

Beauty Book keep track of your bookings and sends you a monthly report summarising the performance on your profile.

Beauty Book will provide constant support, and will help you reach your potential.

As well as being an incredible platform for artists, customers can feel at ease with Beauty Book’s 24/7 browsing, booking and payment system. From the minute you book an artist, you can take comfort in knowing that all the hard work and organising has been done for you. Never before has there been such a comprehensive platform for people to access high quality, luxurious and personalised makeup services.

Check out Beauty Book’s website here:

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